Authenticity Reigns Supreme

Ran across this meme the other day, and it really hit home. For so many organizations, there's a big difference between what they are right now ... and what they hope to become.

In organizational messaging, this can make for a dicey interplay. 

On the one hand, you want to put your "best self" forward. On the other hand, as Ogilvy points out, if that marketing is an overstatement, it sets unrealistic expectations. And this can have dire consequences. 

The key is in being genuine ... while not giving up on the aspirations. Don't paint an inaccurate picture. Instead, provide solid information that supports your case, but clearly and thoroughly share the dream, too. Let people be part of that vision on the ground floor.

Take time to experience the path your constituent will take and compare that to the narrative you're sharing. If it's in the digital space, go through the entire process from start to finish ... make the donation ... navigate the website. If it's in person at an event, take time to reflect on how it matches up.

Ask yourself, did you deliver on the promise you communicated?

Adjust your sails the next time you do it, and your constituents will thank you for it.