Maximize Your Investment in Video

Many nonprofit organizations commission professional videos. These are often produced to coincide with a major annual event or development of a new website.


Typically, video production is a higher price tag item, so we always encourage our clients to get full use of their videos. If you have a video already produced, or are considering one, here are some ways to leverage your investment fully.

1)    Avoid dating the piece. Specific stats, dates and other information is tempting to include, but your video will be more useful long-term without this information. Remember, this information can also be placed on a webpage where you embed the video. 

2)    Make your video multi-purpose. There are so many uses for video that go well beyond a single event or webpage. Some that come to mind:
a.    Welcome emails for new constituents or donors.
b.    Social media postings (consider “pinning” your best video to the top of your Twitter or Facebook feed).
c.     Major gift presentations (bring the video on an ipad).
d.    Community presentations or trade show events.
e.    Television PSAs (See if local stations will donate air time). When you’re producing the video, be sure to inquire about a TV-ready version.

3)    Consider producing different lengths of your video. You may find it useful to have a short, medium and long version of your video for different uses. It’s much easier to get those “cuts” when the video is produced than down the road. Remember, studies show viewership declines the longer the video is, so the shorter version may prove to be the most powerful.

Yes, video content can be costly, but also highly effective. The key is in getting what you need and then fully putting it to work for you.