Stop. Drop. Celebrate.

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We reached a pretty important milestone at M&C.

Merritt and I made the last and final payment on the business to Bob Merrigan, founder and former owner. Pause here for jubilant whoops and joyful shaking of asses…


Thank you. Thank you!

When the booty moving was done, we knew we had some people to thank. High on that list were the sisters of STUFF here in KC—Casey and Sloane Simmons. Well before we made that final payment, we planned to send them a thank-you bouquet in appreciation for their great advice and counsel along the way.

So we did. And then I saw Casey at CASA’s Light of Hope Breakfast that next week and, damn it, if she didn’t lay another piece of wisdom on me…

After thanking us for the fleurs, she said it reminded her and Sloane that after so many years in business they get busy and don’t stop to celebrate achievements or victories—no matter how big or small they might be.

She said our special delivery was a good reminder to start making time to booty move…She actually did not utter the words “booty move.” Of course she said, “celebrate.”

But I’m going for maximum buns references here, so, my apologies, Casey.

It’s true though. And the main thing I took away from her comment is you can’t wait for someone to stop and tell you how special you are, or how great your organization is. No one should have to and you shouldn’t expect it.

It’s not your customers’, donors’ or clients’ responsibility to tell you.

You as a business owner, executive director, development director or team leader need to be the one to notice and make the time to acknowledge the goodness. To acknowledge the thing and celebrate the moment. Celebrate your radical team.

I challenge you to find a reason—no matter how big or small—to celebrate with your crew this week. Booty moving required.