Take care of yourself so you can TCB, baby…

Here’s the real talk about creating compensation packages for your killer team of marketing and fundraising professionals when you’re a small business:

REALITY #1 — We are a small business. So we need to find creative ways to add value for the people we hire because there are a lot of ways we can’t compete with corporate gigs.

REALITY #2 — We are a small business. This is radical and gives us the freedom to let our freak flags fly in a lot of ways corporate gigs cannot.

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With all the talk of wellness and self-care in the world—and especially among the demographic our pool of hires tends to come from—we saw an opportunity to create some very unique, personalized packages without a lot of hassle on our end.

Lo, the Wellness Stipend was born.

We already decided a few years back to make gym memberships available to all full-time employees. But…(there’s always a “but”)

There are people on our team who are not said gym adjacent in any way. Also, there are people who want to involve their partners and kids in their recreation and exercise. And what about the people who already belong to gyms they love?

The Wellness Stipend answers all those questions.

Now we have a set amount of annual compensation available for each full-time employee to use as they choose. It’s been very interesting to see how positively it’s been received—and how creatively our team uses it.

One woman on our team is using it toward race fees for the marathon she’s training for. Another put it toward a family membership at a community center. Zumba. Alternative therapies. The wellness world is your oyster with this plan.

We pride ourselves on saying there is no one size fits all solution for our clients. It thrills me to be able to say we can do that same thing for the amazing team behind that promise.