Finding Relevance in Pop Culture

Once in a while, I just have to fangirl a campaign.

Today is that day.

I ran across this campaign the National Park Service—#keepwildlifewild.

IMG_3276 2.JPG

This safety campaign keys off the widely shared (and hilarious) memes about petting cats, dogs and other pets. So why am I fangirling this like I’m at a Justin Bieber concert in 2011? Because this campaign:

  1. Gets the message across—safety first when dealing with wild animals.. (This is the first job of any communication—to achieve a goal. And this does it.)

  2. Uses humor well. So often, humor falls flat. It’s either too insider-ey, inappropriate or just not funny. This strike the right balance.

  3. Makes the National Park Service feel approachable and not like a chilly government entity ready to issue you a ticket during your vacation.

Pulling off a campaign like this isn’t easy … and sometimes can seem terribly forced. It has to truly align to your nonprofit or the message you’re working to convey. Props to the National Park Service!