Headed to the Bridge Conference

In just a few days, one half of the massive nonprofit messaging force that is M&C will take off for Washington, D.C. and one of the coolest conferences around.

TRANSLATION: Merritt and I are going to the Bridge Conference and we are rett-ta-go!

Like a never-ending gobstopper of nonprofit fundraising goodness, the Bridge Conference is one layer of educationnetworkingfunexpansiveconversation after another. They bring in the big boys (you got your PETA, your HRC … your Humane Society, et al ...) which is great.

It's not every day you get to hear the agency account leads as well as representatives from the nonprofits themselves let you in on the packages they're testing, what's winning and more important to my cold, dark heart—what they thought would kill and completely tanked.

An ounce of someone else's pain is worth a pound of me thinking twice before I recommend that COOL PACKAGE. Heartless.

But if it's hugs and happy hours you seek—which I do, I'm only cutthroat when it comes to copywriting … and not really—get thee to Bridge. We see so many clients, friends and meet so many new people we're high on good cheer for a week after we get back. Christmas in July. Peace on earth and good will toward men.

Rather than rhapsodize any further, I encourage you to check out the full schedule and see for yourself.

And be sure to follow me @mjtiffany and Merritt @merrittengel on Twitter as we'll be tweeting like the dickens from the sessions we're in. You can stay on top of all the Bridge jams with the hashtag #Bridge14.

*I have no affiliation with the Bridge Conference and this love poem is spontaneous. It's that good.