Quality IS Job One!

I recently read a report – Millenial, Inc.: What your company will look like when Millenials call the shots – a six month study by Intrepid and Mr. Youth. 

The introduction focused on change…especially how the accelerating pace of change is driving changes in management and communication.

And while the report dealt with numerous changes, I was most struck by a very strong emphasis on quality … a traditional value that is changing, perhaps, only in terms of its importance.

In the authors’ words:

"For brands with products that meet and exceed consumer expectations, Millennials’ cry for quality is a reassuring message. And for brands that oversell, overhype and under deliver-- well, be warned. Millennials are the savviest consumers ever. They are wary of ads and become more so when they witness products not living up to their claims. They get recommendations from friends, read reviews, post on Facebook, chat on message boards and do research online. The truth doesn’t escape the Millennial. The only way to gain their trust is to deliver and do so consistently." 

I don't know about you, but I find this far more encouraging than intimidating. A challenge, certainly, but an honest one. 

A renewed emphasis on quality is a change we can live with!