New Hires

Hey Newbies, Meet us Halfway ...

About a year ago, I wrote a forlorn blog on the unfortunate reality for the students now graduating from college faced with a double-digit unemployment rate. Times were a wee bit different in good ole' 1997 when I was looking for my first gig.

I met with a college senior last week -- we'll call him "Frank." After I spoke at one of his classes, Frank followed up with a well-written thank you note. I was so impressed I passed it around the office like a tiny trophy, evidence of hope in the next gen. We met for coffee (he showed up - and on time - at 8:15 nonetheless) and was prepared with thoughtful questions. He admitted most of his friends really hadn't gotten around to thinking about May 2011 ...

My bet? Frank will have a job before he earns his tassels. He doesn't have fairy dust, or a cosmic connection, but he does have --

1. Initiative -- Of 2o or so students, Frank was the ONLY one who followed up on my offer to get connected to the marketing community. Seriously, have they not seen the news?

2. Curiosity -- People should have and demonstrate a desire to learn, even if it doesn't have an immediate payoff. That quality shines through - or lack of it - all the time.

3. Integrity -- Say something, and then do it. Enough said. Show up. Be interesting and interested.

4. Positivity -- Whiners need not apply. The truth is, in this economy, you're going to be working hard - unbelievably hard at times. You can't expect a Disney light parade every time you do anything of any consequence.

So, yes, times are tough ... the economy is bleak ... and the jobs are limited. All true. But there is always room for good people ready to work really hard.

P.S. Frank is looking for an internship. E-mail me for details!