Paul Mobley

In Defense of Good Photography

Today, I had the good fortune of seeing world famous photographer Paul Mobley at the

National Agri-Marketing Conference

. He shared the "stories behind the stories" in his latest book:

American Farmer: Heart of Our Country

. The book weighs about 300 pounds and is filled with gripping images of salt of the earth farmers. It's a moving tribute to ag ... and to the nation.

I'm a writer. Words have a lot of power to me. But recently, I've been feeling like good photos aren't getting their due. More and more, I find organizations are relying on their niece's best friend to take the event shots ... or relying on stock photography exclusively ... or settling and saying "sorry, that's the best we got."

It's a shame really. Words do better when they have striking photos sitting next to them. Photos evoke emotion ... they incite action ... to make people feel something!

So photography: Plan for it. Budget it. Respect it. Good photography isn't always easy to come by, but it's worth it, very worth it!