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Seeing Storytelling as Stewardship
Finding Relevance in Pop Culture
Top 5 Content Development Tips
4 Storytelling No-Nos
The Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility
Are Your Communications Honoring Your Constituents’ Experience?
Storytelling Checklist
Writing Without Fear
Original or Authentic?
Call to Action Reflection
4 Things To Get Your Emails Read, Acted On And Forwarded
Keep the Good Information, Let the Other Stuff Go
5 Things I've Learned about Writing Email Subject Lines
Show Them, Don't Tell Them
Aren't Words Wonderful?
"I'm Afraid Of Worms, Roxanne!"
Headlines That Work (or Don't)
Great Quotes on Writing
Sharpen Up Your Writer's Block!
Call the Haiku Helpline …
Every 5 minutes …
Stories: A Cautionary Tale
When Less Really Is More
Proofreading Tips I Wish I Knew in 1997
Just Say What You Mean
Temperance: A Story About Storytelling
A Conversation With Our Friend, Pat Friesen
They're only words …???
Want my attention? Share something worth sharing.
A Passion for Persuasion
Non-profit Storytelling: 6 Tips for Interviews
Some Friday Morning Wisdom from Joe Campbell
Our Balance Beams
Drinking Through a Fire Hose
A Chip Off the Old Block?
Nobody Cares
Never Underestimate the Power of a Good Story!
Concrete = Sticky
Checking It Twice
Go Ahead and Say It
Least Favorite Words Used in Nonprofit Communications
Finest Form of Flattery. Indeed.
How Your Nonprofit Can Repurpose Content
Should you try an email append?
3 Writing Tips
Year End Copywriting Basics
"Easy reading is damn hard writing."
Right Tools for the Job--Right Words for the Copy
When Data Goes Wrong
"Aim for the heart ..."
Don't Fear the Copywriter (with apologies to Blue Oyster Cult)
Lessons From the Master (#1)
Writing for the Blocked, Bored & Balky
Rainout, but not a washout!
Paul Davis of MARK Corporate Branding Talks Nonprofit Branding


Good News/Bad News
Assessing 2018 Fundraising Results
Let ‘Em Know You Know?
Learn from the Leaders!
When Is Enough Enough?
Building Trust is 'Job #1'
Fundraising Metrics 101
A Matter of Perspective
More Musings on Metrics
Target Efforts for Best Results
More Than Just Money
What Do Industry Benchmarks Say About You?
Personalizing Your Nonprofit's Communications
How does your file compare?
Winners/Losers in Annual Benchmark
Raising the Bar

Social Media/Web

Guidelines for Creating URLs
Is your site marked “not secure?”
Optimizing Websites for Voice Search
Search Data Is Not My Job
Facebook Fundraisers: A Review
What Is Social Media Doing for You?
Return on Relationships - ROR
Go Away, Cutie McCuterton & Your Nefarious Friends
5 Misdemeanor Twitter Crimes
Launching a blog in 2011?
"A journey of a thousand miles …"
Build On What We Know
Put LinkedIn to Work for You!
Tweeting Takes Too Much Time, or, Alliteration Rules!
My Pet Peeve About Peer-to-Peer
If You Love Your Content, Set it Free
Your Website is Never "Finished"
Integration, Multi-Channel (Whatever you call it—you must needs do it, friends)
Don’t Make It Difficult!


Successful Mentoring Tips from Both Sides of the Table—Part I
Walking a Mile in Someone Else’s Shoes
Applying Guiding Principles to Organizational Change
Take care of yourself so you can TCB, baby…
Connecting the Dots
Equity: Making Diversity and Inclusion More Than Just Words
Stop. Drop. Celebrate.
Winter is for Reading
Young Professionals Coffee Talk – Allie Krumel, Chanelle Zak (Part 2)
Young Professionals Coffee Talk – Allie Krumel , Chanelle Zak (Part 1)
Finding Great Ways to do Good Work
Learning from Failure?
To Clarify, Commitment, and Courage.
Common Courtesy, or, In The Throes Of A "Casual" Crisis
What Sets a Service Provider Apart?
Hey Newbies, Meet us Halfway …
Fake it 'til you make it?
Russell Brand's Charm School for Marketers
Graduating seniors, it's not that bad
Hello, Dolley - Amendments to the Creative Department's Bill of Rights
Learnings on Learning
Enthusiasm, friends - ENTHUSIASM!!!!
It's like herding cats …
KUMBAYA, or, Can't We All Just Get Along …
Anatomy of a Worthwhile Conference Call
Discipline: The Undervalued Value
Don't Add Me to Your Email List
Future Fundraisers Show Amazing Promise
Crises in Consensus
Count on the Classics!
It's Time to Change (with proper credit to Peter Brady)
So, Why Are You Here?
2013 Bridge Conference Highlights
Planned Obsolescence
How to Get a Job ...
Board Participation Reflects You--Good and Bad
Headed to the Bridge Conference
Back from Bridge 2014: the Highlights
Need to Delegate? Don't 'Just Do It!'
Leading the Charge
Five Fears to Feed Failure
AFP 2015 International Conference Takeaways
M&C in the KC Business Journal—5 Tips For a Smooth Business Purchase
Lessons Learned in a Year-End Email Campaign Marathon


Pitfalls of Email Personalization
M&C Mail Minute, Episode 5—Wolf Conservation Center Stewardship Mailing
M&C Mail Minute, Episode 4—Women’s Foundation Surprise & Delight
M&C Mail Minute, Episode 3 — Stuff and MU
M&C Mail Minute, Episode 2 — American Civil Liberties Union Thank-You Package
M&C Mail Minute, Episode 1 — M&C Talks Effective OE Teasers
Guest Blog: Lydia Eckhoff of Crossworld Talks Direct Mail Strategy (Part 2 of 2)
Guest Blog: Lydia Eckhoff of Crossworld Talks Direct Mail Strategy (Part 1 of 2)
Take your QR code and …
Retargeting Needs to Be Done Right
You Don't Even Know Me, Man.
QR Codes: Enough Already
When Marketing is Last on the To-Do List …
Don't Forget the Basics!
The Prophecy Has Come to Pass
Give 'em what they want!
Direct Marketers - Our Time is Now
Keeping Your House File Healthy
Is it time to retire the "old" rules?
Segment, sure. But then what?
Look at Your Copy from the Other End
Quantity vs. Quality
Auditing Your Direct Mail: 3 Ideas for Improvement
It Pays to Engage!


Done is better than perfect.
Reflecting on the 2018 Bridge Conference
Highlights from the AFP Gateway Conference
Subtle Positioning Pays Off
The Grinch and Santa Talk the Good & Bad of 2017 Nonprofit Marketing
You Are Who We See.
Forgot Your Password?
Why Simple Wins Every Time
A Marketing Discipline
Building a Broader Tool Box
I expect more of you, Nordstrom
"I Reckon So …"
A Spot of Trouble?
When the reality doesn't match …
Surrendering to Apple
Quality IS Job One!
Yeah we got swagger (well maybe not)
High Tech Needs High Touch
Making the "Un-presentation"
Back to Basics
Making Your Case
What did you expect?
What should I expect email response to be?
Integration Isn't Just Fantasy
Maintaining Our Loyalties
Overwhelmed by Overload?
What's a Marketer to Do?
Marketing in a Snowstorm?
Mitzvah Marketing
Engagement and Simplicity: You Can Have Both
What You Can Learn From Boys Town Direct Mail Turnaround
The Alphabet Soup of Acquisition
A Heartfelt Holiday Apology Goes a Long Way
Relationships Via Technology
ABYRWA - Read this post and all will be revealed
Google for Nonprofits: 9 Tips for Writing Successful Ads
The Right Questions Yield the Right Answers
Is eNewsletter worth the investment?


Make it Easy!
Big and Little
Dear Pei Wei, Love Your Food … Just Not Your E-mails
In Defense of Good Photography
What is Good Design?
Merrigan & Co. in Target Marketing Tipline (7.29.09)
Before Directing Your Donors & Attendees to the Website ...


Upping Your Game?
Build Relationships, Don’t Make Transactions
The Long Tail of a Planned Gift
6 Secrets to Unlocking Corporate Philanthropy—Part I
6 Secrets to Unlocking Corporate Philanthropy—2
The Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility
Whose Cause, Anyway?
Basic Goodness
Give Your Donors the High Five!
The Next Generation of Givers
Till death do us part?
To Gift or not to Gift?
Acquiring New Donors
How do you choose the charities you support?
Mission vs. Mandate
Dollars Down, Do Gooders Up
Recession's Impact on Donor Expectations
How are you "treating" your best donors?
Wake Up Kansas City!
Not Them or Me, But How About Both of Us
More Knowledge Means More Involvement
Cross-sell for greater loyalty!
Print Newsletters: Too Tired for a Wired World?
Monthly Giving Insights from the Bridge Conference
The Changing Face of Charity
Which Interactions Are Most Important?
Do you rely on 'the rising tide'?
Key Takeaways from the Washington Nonprofit Conference
Building a Culture of Giving
Seeing Red Over Blue State's Giving?
Donor Engagement: They Call the Shots
What does origami have to do with fundraising?
A Recipe for Success
3 Ways to Show Your Donors Respect
(This is about red eyes and "aint")
Relationship. Relationship. Relationship.
Beware of Veering Away from Mission
Inverted Pyramid for Nonprofits
All About the Donor
Raising the Bar on Retention
The New "Five I's?"
Love Thy Volunteers (Respect the Title)
Think Through What You're Asking
Case Study: A Successful Matching Gift Campaign
"What's the ideal ask string?"
Holiday Fatigue & Email Giving
The Halo Effect
Building a Broader Base
10 Tips to a Successful Event
You're Doing it Right--Spontaneous Online Gifts
Results Sway Even the Skeptic
And they all gave happily ever after ...
Wooing Less Committed Donors
Surprise & Delight
Engage When You Can!
"Bye, Bye, Love ..."
Let the Reviews Begin
Giving USA: Good News/Bad News
#GivingTuesday in Kansas City
A #GivingTuesday Success Story: #givebuttsachance
KC Fundraising 360—Rett. ta. go.